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December 02
1 Simple Way to Make Your Retreat Guests Happier!


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Is it possible your guests are uncomfortable in your dining facilities?

Quite possibly, according to Harvard Business Review’s November 29, 2011 Daily Stat. According to HBR, table spacing is too close for comfort in typical restaurants (see http://goo.gl/QzeKX).

“Restaurants typically place parallel tables along banquettes at 12 inches apart or less, but research led by Stephani K. A. Robson of Cornell shows that patrons—including those who are used to busy restaurants—feel awkward being so close to their neighbors. Even at a spacious 24 inches apart, parallel tables were seen as crowded and uncomfortable by 35% of people responding to the researchers' survey.”

So, one simple way to make your guests happier may be to just spread the tables in your dining hall a little further apart. Of course, that’s easier said than done. One, you might not have the space available to do that. Two, if you try to make space, it could lead to creating meal shifts, which is costly on several levels.

The take away | It’s definitely a cost-benefit ratio: Does making your guests feel more comfortable in the dining room outweigh the cost of separating tables, or even removing some? You’ll have to calculate that yourself. But, it might be worth a try.


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