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February 02
4 Reasons Why Dorm Style Housing May Be Right for Your Group Retreat




When planning your group retreat, you may have a particular room configuration in mind from the get-go. And that's usually a hotel-style room. But, have you considered a dorm configuration, with multiple beds in a single room? Here are 4 reasons to consider something different for your next group retreat:

1. Lower cost = lower price.

By configuring rooms to hold multiple beds and people, properties keep their per guest costs down, passing the savings on to their customers.


2. It's no less comfortable.

Sleeping on bunk beds may conjure up memories of old metal frames with rusty springs and soiled pillows. That was the old days. These days, most properties offering this kind of arrangement, and who have kept up with the needs of their customers, offer sturdy, wood-framed beds, comfortable mattresses and fresh linens.

Frontier Camper Dorms - Great for Group Retreats.jpg

3. It’s not as weird as you think.

In fact, it might be a lot less weird than sleeping 10, 12 or 14 people to a room. Ask yourself: Which is more comfortable, sleeping several to a room, or being assigned a roommate you barely know? I remember a time when I was on a corporate retreat, and I roomed with someone from another department whom I had never met. It was slightly awkward.

4. It promotes group bonding.

A women’s group who used to use a traditional hotel-type lodge was forced to look for an alternative when they outgrew it. The alternative was a great property, but the room configuration was dorm-style housing with bunk beds. At first, they didn’t think it was such a great arrangement. But, after the first night, they wondered why they hadn’t used a facility like that from the very beginning. The ladies loved rooming together as a group, as it brought back memories of slumber parties and sleepovers. Plus, it encouraged sharing, and a level of bonding that sleeping one or two to a room never did. They don’t ever plan on going back to hotel-style rooms. They prefer dorm housing, now!

The take away | 
Next time you’re looking for a great facility to hold your group retreat, don’t rule out lodging that includes dorm housing and bunk beds. It could be the very thing that makes your retreat an extraordinary experience!



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