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January 06
2 Great Resources to Help You Plan Your Women's Retreat



I recently received an email from @GroupPublishing, promoting two great resources for putting on a woman’s retreat.

Resource #1: A guide for retreat planners that makes planning a women’s retreat stress-free!

Group Publishing has just made it easy for you to put together women’s retreats that will transform lives, without making yours miserable. They promise that, with their “relational approach,” participants won't just hear a lesson or Bible story, “they do it, discuss it, and act on it so that it becomes a part of their lives.”

The materials in the kit are designed to save the retreat planner time in preparing for the retreat, and to give guests a relaxing getaway where they'll grow in their faith and build lasting friendships with God and each other. It’ll save you money, too, as you won’t even need a speaker! The kit is designed around interaction, rather than lecture.

You can find out more about this great tool at Group Publishing’s Women’s Retreats site.

Resource #2: Create a seaside retreat . . . in Colorado!

Actually, you can pull this off no matter where your retreat is being held.

Group Publishing describes their SeaSide Escape Retreat Kit as, “A blueprint for an unforgettable beach-themed retreat. The women in your church and community take time out from all the cares and worries of everyday life and come together for worship, Bible study, and fellowship. They participate in themed activities that use the elements of sand, waves, and other items you'd encounter at the seashore as metaphors for our lives and our relationships with God and one another.”

They tout their kit as being good for:
- One-day women's events
- Overnight retreats
- Two-day retreats
- Leadership team-building
- Outreach events for women in your community
- Girls-only youth events
- Any event where women (and teen girls) of any age want to come together to
  explore God's word and His will for their lives.

If you’re a retreat planner or director, and you’re tired of the same ol’ stale programming, then check out this fun kit at Group Publishing’s store.

The take away | 
Whether you need help from start-to-finish in planning your women’s retreat, or you just need a fresh, new theme for your retreat, Group Publishing has some great resources at their Women's Retreats site to help you.


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