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When you're looking for the perfect venue for your men's, women's, college or youth retreat, remember . . .

Young Life's Colorado camps offer the perfect setting for group retreats in Colorado. We provide premier facilities for church, school, parachurch, military and other non-profit groups. All our properties are located in beautiful locations, and offer exceptional food and excellent service at a price that will fit your budget. Any of our Colorado properties make for an ideal weekend or week-long retreat venue for you and your group.
Service that Sets You Free!

Young Life has always had a philosophy of excellence in all we do. And, we understand your reason for staying with us. Combined, that translates into a level of service unmatched by other properties that don't connect with your mission or purpose. In other words, we resonate with your calling, because it's our calling, too. So, we'll do everything we can to free you from distractions, allowing you to focus on your retreat.

This Is Not Your Mother's
& Father's Camp!

Don't let "camp'' mislead you. We prefer to call our properties resorts. That's because we invest millions of dollars building our camps, and millions more maintaining them at the highest level. No tents here. These camps were built to give campers a taste for what the kingdom of God is like. You might say our camps are heaven on earth.
What's Spent Here
Stays Here!

Speaking of kingdom, when you bring your group to a Young Life property, you're not just feeding the bottom line of a corporate entity. You're reinvesting in the kingdom of God. Your fees help offset the cost for kids to come to camp. So, in essence, the money you spend here helps more kids go to camp ... and that means more kids hear about  Jesus Christ.  It's a win-win for the kingdom. We're helping your ministry by serving you. You're helping ours by staying with us.
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Young Life Colorado Camps
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